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Daily Kashmir Link First Kashmiri Independent National Newspaper

Daily Kashmir Link, one of the premiers, prestigious and largest circulated Kashmiri daily is published simultaneously from Muzafarabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and London. Daily Kashmir Link also available online internet edition ��. (300,000 to 600,000 persons visit our e-newspaper at any time of the day). The Newspaper has a vast readership all over Pakistan specially in Kashmiri community. Kashmir Link is widely read and respected as a quality daily that updates its readers with the latest developments and provides the most comprehensive coverage .

Syed M. Akram Shah

Chief Executive 03005002288

Syed M. Asghar Shah

Managing Editor 03345701000


Mrs. Amna Akram

Executive Editor 0514912112

Khawaja A Mateen

Editor 03154119211


M. Faris Khan

G.M Finance 03345706781

Ejaz Mustafa Daar

G.M 03345172883

Azhar Naqvi

Chief News Editor 0015597742


Arslan Mughal

IT Incharge 03455264265